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Patrory International is a social serving non-profit organisation. Our motto is to make the world a better place. We believe that education can show the way for people to make this world a better place. And for this reason, our priority has always been to ensure education in our country. We also work for unemployment and social development. We serve to ensure a better life for poor children and build up worldwide communication. Our Patrory team is always concerned about their duties. To motivate them we want you to be with us too. A little amount of your donation can be a big part of this community.

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by Sahnoor Alam

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sahnoor Alam

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Greetings to our donor who has come to serve mankind. Please read this and let us find you!

What is life without the basic needs being met? In our country, we see several kids working for the bare minimum every day. They have to sacrifice their all joys and needs so that they could afford a piece of bread for their family members, for themselves. And some even are unable to earn. They do odd jobs and pass their nights on the streets. Making money from an early age and taking the responsibilities to the family is alright. But despite these is that their real identity? Did that ever make them understand their values in society? With that in mind, Patrory Internationals have taken the initiative to help those children in despair.

We stand for every child. What do we do for them? Our first step is to find out a child who is in real need. Then we inquiry everything about him/her. After observing a child’s family and situation we take responsibility for the individual. One of our children Munna is now studying in school. It is the biggest inspiration for us to see him working hard for his dreams. It makes us feel proud to work for all of them. We have our boys and girls like Munna all over the country.

We are happy to announce that we are intended to open a street school. It’s up to us elderlies to make our children meet the success. We have to ensure that the children get what they deserve. but we are not enough. We are nothing but a handful of people. We seek your help to make the child’s dreams come true. Please reach out to us and help us so that together we can help our children.

Bring street children back to school from begging. Let them also be enlightened in the light of education. We want them to grow through life not just go through life. Be the witness of a new nation by donating to us. So to our donors, “Would you please consider a single penny?”

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