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This is the online process for donating UNSIS Membership Renewal donations of our volunteers!

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by Sahnoor Alam

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Sahnoor Alam

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This is the online process for donating UNSIS Membership Renewal donations of our volunteers!

Patrory International is a social-serving non-profit organization. Our motto is to make the world a better place. We believe that education can show the way for people to make this world a better place. And for this reason, our priority has always been to ensure education in our country. We also work for unemployment and social development. We serve to ensure a better life for poor children and build up worldwide communication. Our Patrory team is always concerned about their duties. To motivate them we want you to be with us too. A little amount of your donation can be a big part of this community. We are welcoming you to serve mankind with us.
We invite you to start holding a hand of a poor kid to be a guardian of him/her.

There are many helpless children over the country. Some people are starving and dying of severe health issues. Some of them are the victims of child marriage. A student who wants to open his diary and write down his dreams, who wants to discover the world, becomes a savior to his country. In this case, he can’t do any of these for the lack of his surrounding, education, proper guideline, and financial needs. We are promised to those people who are in real need in this society. And for this reason, we want you to join Patrory International and support our team by donating your precious penny.

We’ll be working with you for our people, society, and the nation.

Name Donate Amount Date
Arafat Rahman 200.00 November 05, 2023
Marufa Yeasmin 400.00 September 09, 2023
Marufa Yeasmin 400.00 August 03, 2023
Somaiya Shimo 700.00 May 19, 2023
Sahnoor Alam 10.00 February 03, 2023
Lamisa Fairooj Ushno 200.00 December 10, 2022
Rijwan Rafat 50.00 December 10, 2022


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